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03 December 2013 @ 08:52 pm
Accepting orders for Fukuyama Masaharu's 30th anniversary Winter festival thanks!  
Hi, if anyone's interested, I will be accepting orders for Fukuyama Masaharu's 30th anniversary Winter festival concert goods. Goods available and the prices are listed below. Please note that I will be taking orders until 25th December 2013, and payment should be made by 27th December 2013 latest.

For those who feel better about contacting me directly through e-mail rather than through leaving comments here, please direct all e-mails to larcsales@gmail.com and I will try to reply ASAP. Thanks!

Payment methods can be found here

Please note a service charge will be added to each order as follows.
(Cost of order):(Service charge)
1~2000yen: 500yen
2001yen~4000yen: 1000yen
4001yen~ 6000yen: 1500yen
6001yen~ 8000yen: 2000yen
8001yen~ 10,000yen: 2500yen
10,001yen~ 12,000yen: 3000yen
12,001yen~ 14,000yen: 3500yen
14,001yen~ 16,000yen: 4000yen
16,001yen~ 18,000yen: 4500yen
18,001yen~ 20,000yen: 5000yen

*an additional 500yen service charge will be charged per every 2000yen for orders above 20,000yen, except in the case where the one item costs above 20,000yen. In the case where a single item costs more than 20,000yen, the service charge will be capped at 5000yen.
**orders above 20,000yen will be considered for either discounts or free items

Pros of a service charge system:
If you buy more than one item, the chance of us being cheaper than other shops is very high.
It is easier to check how much of a difference from the original price you are paying for.

Cons of a service charge system:
If you are only buying one item, it might be cheaper to buy at other online stores

Goods available
T-shirt 44 design 3500yen (Please choose from S/M/L)

T-shirt flag design 3500yen (Please choose from S/M/L)

FM T-shirt 3500yen (Please choose from S/M/L)

Bath towel 3000yen

Sports towel 2000yen

Cushion cover de Fukuyama 2500yen

Room slippers de Fukuyama 2000yen

Luncheon set de Fukuyama 1500yen

Kirei de Fukuyama 2000yen

Bros TV trump 1000yen

Masha daruma earphone jack 1000yen (Please choose from gold/silver/pink colour)

Man's original sauce 500yen (Please choose from original, garlic, garlic super hard flavour)

Shopping bag 500yen

FM Peach 69 underwear 2500yen (Please choose from Men's/Ladies and from black/blue/pink colour)

Please see the pictures of the goods on the website here