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02 August 2015 @ 11:45 pm
Preorder for Gamushara Summer Station  
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Hi, if anyone's interested, I will be accepting orders for Sexy Zone's Gamushara Summer Station goods. Goods available and the prices are listed below. Please note that I will be taking orders until 15th Aug 2015 Payment should be made by the same day

All order requests should be made to larcsales@gmail.com and I will try to reply within 48hours. Please kindly try to include the full name of artist/concert in your subject title so that it will be easier for me to process your order. Thanks!

Payment methods can be found here

Please note a service charge will be added to each order as follows.
(Cost of order):(Service charge)
1~2000yen: 500yen
2001yen~4000yen: 1000yen
4001yen~ 6000yen: 1500yen
6001yen~ 8000yen: 2000yen
8001yen~ 10,000yen: 2500yen
10,001yen~ 12,000yen: 3000yen
12,001yen~ 14,000yen: 3500yen
14,001yen~ 16,000yen: 4000yen
16,001yen~ 18,000yen: 4500yen
18,001yen~ 20,000yen: 5000yen

*an additional 500yen service charge will be charged per every 2000yen for orders above 20,000yen, except in the case where the one item costs above 20,000yen. In the case where a single item costs more than 20,000yen, the service charge will be capped at 5000yen.

Goods available

File 600yen (Please choose from Mr King, Mr Prince, MariusxSou, Gamushara type)

Muffler towel 1300yen (Please choose from Mr KingxMr Prince or Gamushara version)

Penlight 1600yen (Please choose from Mr KingxMr Prince or Gamushara ver)

Gamshara tumber 1500yen (Please choose from team ver)

Gamushara Replica clothes patch 600yen

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